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City = Aquileia
Time = 0

City Year Size Size Comment Year Comment Author Title Location
Aquileia-181 3,000Luigi MarcuzziAquileia Storia Arte Monumentip6
Aquileia-181Touring Club ItalianoGuida rapida d'Italiav2 p57
Aquileia-169 13,000"3,000 + 1,500 & family"Luigi MarcuzziAquileia Storia Arte Monumentip6
Aquileia-100"4th largest in Italy after Rome, Milan & Capua; 9th largest in the Roman Empire"a few decades after foundationLuigi MarcuzziAquileia Storia Arte Monumentip5
Aquileia04th largest in Italyduring the Roman EmpireTouring Club ItalianoGuida rapida d'Italiav2 p57
Aquileia0 200,000"over 200,000"under Augustusn/a